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Art Direction

Matte Paint

Master Class

Creative Marketing

I am not like any other Art Director.
A real Swiss-knife with all kinds of art projects or a swat guy in the graphic industry.

I already have a full resume with 19 years of experience at just 35 years of age (my career began when I was 16 years old)

I really love to manage people in order to obtain the product you want.

What y employers say about me tells a lot about who I am: "Dynamic, motivated, that will give everything he's got for the projects he believes in."

* * *

I am an Art director with a concern about how things are done and who likes to share it, because when I give knowledge, I never lose it. It stays mine and grows up in another mind.


Autodesk certified trainer with a 98% Canadian territory grade on Maya and 3D studio Max.

Adobe expert team for Photo and video product.

I really love doing matte paint.
If you want a quotation fill the form below and contact me.


I have been working remotely at Adobe Headquarter for 12 years now.

This means that I know Adobe products more than anyone and that its use for me is now as natural as breathing.

I teach Master classes on these themes:

* How to set up a good marketing campaign

* Be Art Director or not to be

* Why people love retro designs and when this trend is going to change

* How to create a good character in modeling.
(reflective than technical approach)

* How to create good environment art, why use certain cameras rather than others, etc. What is the goal in the end.


* I offer portfolio analysis services to student to optimize their skills.

* I teach Photoshop|illustrator|After Effect | Premiere| Maya & Max, Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, Rendering and more! Just ask me.


Tell me what you need and I will adapt to help you and your team.

Advertising | Web | Print |Tv | Video Games


Heineken (Ora-ito) Nestea, (Coca-Cola Company)



Bombardier, Scotia Bank

Emporio Armani, (L'Oreal), Mia Luna,
Elcca, Marck Group


Hardware / Softwares

Adobe, Apple, Hewlett Packard,
Intel, Norton, Wacom


Video Games

Atari, THQ, Ubisoft, Universal



MTV, Virgin, TVM,
 Imagina Festival (Monaco)


Press Group

Dargaud Editor, Future France,
Ziff-Davis Publishing



Cegetel, AOL, Nokia


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