Swissknife Art Director Portfolio(s)



Most of my clients are under N.D.A. inside my portfolio(s), I just check who wants to see them to protect my work, as well as to do a follow up with you.


Marketing Agency

Client : Mikros Image Canada, Terranova, Symantec Corporation, NAD Center, Heineken,
CocaCola, HP, TVM, l'Oréal, Nokia, Cegetel, MTV, Apple, Intel, Aol, Adobe, Wacom.

Marketing Demo Reel


Games Marketing

Client : Gamesbymo, Ubisoft, Atari/Infogrames, THQ, Universal.

Games Marketing Demo Reel


Games Production

Client : WGS, Eastpad, Konami, Naughty Dog, Ubisoft(many), EA, Atari.

Games Production Demo Reel



Matte Paint, Unreal Engine, Character concept, 2D design, Drawing

Personal Demo Reel



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