Frederic Vicaire

Almost 23 years of experience in graphic industry.


In 2018, Who am I:

partner at brain.
Headhunter and  strategist, I am a thinker who specializes in translating data within the world around us and translating it to meaningful insights and actionable recommendations for clients.


I apply analytical rigor, critical thinking, and creativity to solve complex brand and marketing issues.


Working with multidisciplinary teams and clients, I create lasting impact by demonstrating strategic thinking, entrepreneurial spirit, and restless intellectual curiosity in my everyday work.


I have worked on more than 25 video games (AAA and Indie games) and films, cinematic.



• Team Building

• Critical Thinking

• Complex Problem Solving

• Judgment and Decision-Making

• Strong collaboration and communication



• Born Leader

• A varied background (large and small studios, teacher, Awards)

• Expert in print, 2D/3D, pipelines

• Experience on Mobile platform

• Committed to find solutions
• + 15 years in graphic management



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